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December 4, 2021    By admin


In July 2013, J.SR Consulting Limited was selected as the independent consultant to formulate a three-year strategic plan for the Uganda Insurers Association (UIA).

UIA (www.uia.co.ug) was founded in 1965 by the insurance companies in Uganda to meet the challenges of an emerging competitive and continuously growing industry with the overall objective to promote the development and expansion of sound insurance and reinsurance activities in Uganda.

UIA uses lobbying and advocacy publicity and sensitization, research and information dissemination, training and product development to ensure smooth operation and promotion of the industry.

J.SR Consulting Limited was able to complete the assignment before the year-end 2013 to allow the UIA Secretariat and insurance companies to draw up detailed tasks and objectives prior to implementation of the strategic plan with effect from 1 January 2014.