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Mergers and Acquisitions

Our M&A credentials

We are a team of top-drawer professionals with extensive Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) skills and experience.  Over the years we have completed several M&A transactions as well as valuation and capital raising assignments.

M&A delivers several benefits to acquirers

  • Synergies – by combining business activities, overall performance efficiency tends to increase and costs tend to drop, because each company benefits from the other’s strengths.
  • Growth – the acquiring company can quickly grow market share.  
  • Increase supply-chain pricing power – by buying out one of its suppliers or distributors, a business can eliminate an entire tier of costs. 
  • Eliminate competition – an acquirer may eliminate future competition and gain a larger market share. 

Why selling your business may be a smart move

  • Reduce risk – running a business is a risky endeavor
  • Retirement – selling your business can finance your retirement
  • Changing interests – you may have lost interest in running the business or would like to pursue a new venture
  • External changes – increased competition, regulatory requirements or technological advancements may render your business unsustainable
  • Need for cash – you may simply want to convert the value of your business into cash to finance various needs.

The M&A Process