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Public Private Partnerships

A. Feasibility Study

J.Samuel Richards & Associates® helps you produce a comprehensive feasibility study for the Project using a Public Sector Comparator (PSC) and Public Private Partnership (PPP) reference models.  This enables the client to determine the full project cycle costs, affordability limits, risks, and their costs and optimal value-for-money methods of delivery.  The feasibility study will include the following:

  • Introduction
  • Section 1 – Needs analysis 
  • Section 2 – Solution options analysis 
  • Section 3 – Project due diligence 
  • Section 4 – Value assessment 
  • Section 5 – Economic valuation 
  • Section 6 – Procurement plan

B. PPP Procurement

If on the basis of the feasibility study, a PPP solution is decided upon, J.Samuel Richards & Associates® will provide the necessary technical, legal, and financial advisory support for the procurement of a private partner.  This will follow all elements of the relevant PPP laws and regulations. 

J.Samuel Richards & Associates® helps the client to manage the procurement process for securing contracts with a private party.  All this needs to be in accordance with the systems and standards set out for PPPs in relevant country laws and regulations.