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August 22, 2021    By admin


Crane Paper Bag’s Aniket Patel shows Investment Minister Evelyn Anite and UIA officials a paper packaging product made by his factory.

The Government of Uganda is promoting investments in paper packaging products in order to grow a robust and sustainable green economy.

One of the efforts towards a green economy is the phasing out the production of plastic packaging products in favour of paper and other recyclable packaging products.

Uganda Investment Authority is leading in the promotion of green investments, including in the manufacture of paper and other recyclable packaging products.

The Authority has licensed at least 10 industries involved in production of paper packaging products, with many polythene-producing industries also repurposing to start producing paper products.

The State Minister of Finance (Privatisation and Investment), Hon. Evelyn Anite, toured two of the industries – Crane Paper Bags and Graphic Systems – which are already producing an array of paper packaging and other products.

The Chair of the Board of Uganda Investment Authority (UIA), Morrison Rwakakamba, and the Director General, Robert Mukiza, accompanied the Minister on the tour of the two paper products’ manufacturers who employ, between them, over 500 young Ugandans and have production capacity of over 1,000 tonnes per month.

Minister Anite said investments in the manufacturing of paper products is one of the key solutions in dealing with environmental challenges posed by dumping of polythene packaging and other products.

The Minister said paper products not only have huge, ready market, but present vast investment opportunities. She said the demand for paper packaging and other products is growing by leaps and bounds and encouraged Ugandans to venture into the business.

Minister Anite said UIA is on hand to provide the necessary support to investors interested in the manufacture of paper packaging products.

The Minister applauded Crane Paper Bags Ltd. and Graphic Systems for employing many young Ugandans, most of whom have been trained on the job.

Rwakakamba said plastics are dangerous to the environment and the only sustainable way is to promote sustainable green industries, like the paper packaging products’ manufacturers. He called for more investments in the green economy and encouraged manufacturers of polythene products to transition to production of environmentally friendly products.

Mukiza, on his part, said UIA is promoting investments in paper packaging products, as well as other green products, through various services and incentives.