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December 4, 2021    By admin


JSR has implemented the automation of its audit/assurance processes through the acquisition of the DraftWorx software – affordable and renown solutions for achievement of IFRS and ISA compliance. The software provider can be visited at www.dataprime.co.za and JSR is pleased that the solutions will yield benefits for the firm and its clients.

JSR will be able to import trial balance direct from a number of accounting applications that are used by clients; namely SAGE, QuickBooks, Xero, CaseWare, DraftWorx and even Microsoft Excel. We believe that this software will lead to a win-win result for both JSR and its clients. Furthermore, the software is flexible in that it also has capabilities for IPSAS, ISRE and ISRS compliance.


IFRS       International Financial Reporting Standards

ISRS       International Standard on Related Services

ISRE       International Standard on Review Engagements

ISA          International Standards on Auditing

IPSAS    International Public Sector Accounting Standards