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December 6, 2021    By admin


The Covid-19 pandemic continued to hit most countries worldwide despite that some semblance of normalcy was slowly filtering in many countries. The bitter truth is that 328115 people had died from Covid-19 globally representing 7% of the confirmed cases of 4996472 as at 20-May-2020.

There was increased optimism in that many patients have recovered despite the absence of a specific antibody and vaccine. 38% of confirmed cases had recovered globally, an achievement that had seen frontline medical personnel applauded for their tireless efforts to minimize demise. Unfortunately, some medical staff had perished trying to help. Governments have been tasked to beef up personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical personnel.

The medical personnel were still battling active cases some of whom had overwhelmed the medical facilities. This happened whenever there was an exponential increase in new cases over a very short period of time. Fortunately, due to a combination of containment measures like lockdown and social distancing, the rate of daily increase had gradually reduced.

Source of raw data that was analyzed by author. https://data.humdata.org/dataset/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov-cases

Key to x-axis:        ap.20 = April 20th     ap.30 = April 30th    my.10 = May 10th    my.20 = May 20th

Oceania had virtually 0% increase since 20-April-2020. Europe was at 1% (down from 2%); Americas 3% (down from 4%) and Africa at 4% (down from 5%). If such steady progress were to continue, then by September 2020, the rate of daily increases in most countries could have fallen to 1% or less. However, this depends on robustness of health measures to avoid a second wave of infections once lockdown is eased.

The increasing percentage of patients recovering from Covid-19 has providing lots of optimism to Governments to open up their economies given that the virus will linger around for several months.