InfraCo Africa is a multi-government funded, privately managed company providing early stage development capital and expertise to develop infrastructure projects in sub-Saharan Africa. InfraCo Africa (based in the United Kingdom) acts as an 'honest broker' seeking to create viable infrastructure investment opportunities that balance the interests of host governments, the national and international private sector and providers of finance.

InfraCo Africa appointed J.Samuel Richards to undertake a business valuation of its subsidiary company in Uganda, the Kalangala Infrastructure Services Limited (KIS). In 2005, InfraCo Africa signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Uganda ("GOU") to develop a specified and multi-faceted US$ 50million project to meet the growing unmet demand for infrastructure-related services on Bugala Island, Kalangala District, Uganda.

KIS currently operates commercial marine transportation services using two state-of-the-art ferries; electricity through a 1.6MW hybrid solar/diesel power generating facility; potable water using solar-powered pumps and has also upgraded the 66 km main island road. In 2014, J.Samuel Richards successfully completed the 5-year business plan (2015-2019) for KIS.

J.SR Consulting Limited (“J.SR”) as the lead consultants partnered with RBM Systems Consult Limited (one of the authorised reseller for QuickBooks ® Enterprise in East Africa) to set up an integrated financial accounting system for Share An Opportunity – Uganda (SAO). The client is a Christian child centred NGO with offices upcountry, but had challenges with software than had limitations, was unable to detect errors and the monthly accounts took over a month to compile.

J.SR and RBM was the perfect partner and the following were accomplished in a space of three weeks:

  • Deeply investigated the current software capabilities and identification of shortcomings in capacity and set up
  • Procured and installed a multi-user QuickBooks Enterprise version 14
  • Identified the user requirements of SAO and tailored the Chart of Accounts and Reports to suit those needs
  • Oversaw the migration of data (financial and static) from old software to new software
  • Guided users on the capture of actual data from 1 July 2013
  • Guided users on the capture of budget information
  • Conducted training on use of backup from upcountry offices for consolidation at Head Office
  • Conducted training on specific finance and accounting principles
  • Helped users extract various reports, export to Microsoft Excel ® and analyzing those reports in such manner as required by different donors
  • Helped with the first month-end reporting using new software and ascertained savings in time and improvements in reporting quality

At the end of the day, SAO realised value for money for the investment in the new QuickBooks® software coupled with the time spent on hands-on training that was conducted by J.SR and RBM. These services fall under the Business Advisory segment, specifically covering:

  • Client Accounting Services
  • Accounting Assistance
  • Information Systems Quality Assurance


Share An Opportunity - Uganda (


RBM Systems Consult Limited (

When a Ugandan businessman purchased multi-level marketing companies in Uganda and Kenya in May 2013, he appointed J.SR Consulting Limited to provide a range of business advisory services. The two companies (Dynapharm 2014 Uganda Limited and Dynapharm Kenya 2004 Limited) had a total investment of US$3.2million.

J.SR Consulting Limited was able to achieve the following outcomes over a four months period:

  • The installation of the QuickBooks ® accounting software to enable accurate and timely management/financial accounting in Uganda
  • Client Accounting Services in Uganda, including the determination of the opening balances (despite incomplete records) that were captured into QuickBooks® in Uganda
  • Accounting Assistance in Uganda, particularly streamlining the accounting records and posting into QuickBooks ®
  • The retrieval of financial data in Kenya  from an old system (Tally ERP.9) and posting into QuickBooks® to create an integrated financial database
  • The training of accounts staff on a robust system of stock control and valuation
  • The set up of a system of daily stock reconciliation, sales posting and cash/bank monitoring
  • The recruitment of senior management staff, including Financial Controller, Supply Chain Comptroller and General Manager
  • Advise on the rationalization of retail shops based on location and profitability
  • Advise on the break-even pricing model and scenario analysis based on several variables
  • Advise on tax compliance and health check
  • Completed forensic investigation into incidences of fraud and malpractices
  • Completed forensic investigation into incidences of fraud and malpractices
  • Continuous advise on internal financial controls

The Senior Partner of J.Samuel Richards & Associates, Albert Richards Otete has advised practitioners to engage their employers or clients to embrace system integration. Albert was the presenter at the monthly ISACA Uganda Chapter seminar at Hotel Africana.

ISACA Uganda Chapter ( sponsors local educational seminars and workshops, conduct regular chapter meetings, and help to further promote and elevate the visibility of the Information Systems audit, control and security profession throughout Kampala and surrounding areas.
Albert emphasized the need to automate the systems and then ensure that they integrate with the core accounting system. This way, the business will extract value and will trust its systems. Read more under our publications.

In July 2013, J.SR Consulting Limited was selected as the independent consultant to formulate a three-year strategic plan for the Uganda Insurers Association (UIA).
UIA ( was founded in 1965 by the insurance companies in Uganda to meet the challenges of an emerging competitive and continuously growing industry with the overall objective to promote the development and expansion of sound insurance and reinsurance activities in Uganda.
UIA uses lobbying and advocacy publicity and sensitization, research and information dissemination, training and product development to ensure smooth operation and promotion of the industry.

J.SR Consulting Limited was able to complete the assignment before the year-end 2013 to allow the UIA Secretariat and insurance companies to draw up detailed tasks and objectives prior to implementation of the strategic plan with effect from 1 January 2014.