J.Samuel Richards logoIn November 2016, J.Samuel Richards created a new brand image simply referred to as JSR. We also revised our brand promise to "Optimizing performance".

In 2016, J.SR Consulting Limited completed the compilation of financial statements for the years 2009-2015 for a Government-owned textile manufacturer. There was a huge backlog of accounts that had not yet been audited by the Office of the Auditor General. The new Board of Directors tasked J.SR Consulting Limited to clear the backlog within six months, which was achieved.

In 2016, J.SR Consulting Limited was appointed by a receiver to undertake a business recovery analysis of an indigenous beer manufacturer that had defaulted on repayment of its loan to the tune of US$2m. J.SR Consulting Limited undertook a demise diagnostic study, business viability testing and then advised the receiver on the most optimal exit strategy for the commercial bank. The study spanned the period 2008-2015, including the state of the beer market and competition in Uganda. In liaison with qualified engineers and valuers, J.SR Consulting Limited also carried out the valuation of stocks of crates, bottles, property, plant and other equipment.

In 2016, J.SR Consulting Limited completed its advisory work with the Royal Danish Embassy in Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwe Agricultural Development Trust (ZADT) was established in 2010 with the objective of providing soft loans to agriculture value chain actors working with, and for the benefit of smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe.

The current Denmark-Zimbabwe Development Partnership Programme runs from 2013-2015. The budget for that programme was US$ 100 million. J.SR Consulting Limited scope of work was to assess the sustainability and continuity of ZADT against the background of DANIDA's phased exit from Zimbabwe. The assessment was successfully completed over a one-year period from May 2015.

Nkumba University (NU) is a private University located in Uganda with slightly over 10,000 students and 400 administrative staff. It was established in 1994 and is dedicated to the promotion of excellence in applied business education. NU builds students on the 4Cs: Creativity, Confidence, Competence and Character.

NU had challenges in the area of financial management ranging from delayed financial reporting, integrity of financial data, high turnover with respect to the leadership of the finance department, and unreliable IT support systems among others.

J.Samuel Richards was selected to carry out a thorough study and recommend practical remedial action. Using flow-charting tools, review of existing practices and interviews, J.Samuel Richards accomplished the tasks within three months. NU has already started implementing the 46 recommendations that had been highlighted by J.Samuel Richards.